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Our Story

Ready Set Go

What is Ready Set Go!?

Ready Set Go! is Dubai’s largest indoor children’s soft play area!

The immense and immersive jungle theme is truly enchanting, creating a captivating environment for children to enjoy play and exercise safely.

Who we are…

A passion project, me and Becky have created Ready Set Go! based on our personal experiences and family values. After many years spent working in the manufacturing industry, I wanted to build a business that revolved around the most precious part of my life – children.

The jungle themed inspiration for Ready Set Go! wasn’t just picked randomly from a hat. We spent half a year collaborating with children’s psychologists and some of the best playground manufacturers in Europe to carefully curate our jungle! We wanted to be sure that our vision of a safe, cognitively engaging, environment for learning and keeping children active was achieved.

I remember very little of my father growing up because he was always working so hard. I know he was trying his best to provide for his family, but I wanted a way to do that and be as close to mine as possible. I feel that these years with your children are the most precious in any parents’ life and Ready Set Go has been our glue, keeping us truly as one.

Ready Set Go

Coming home from work every evening was just an everyday occurrence like ground hog day
“Hi kids, how was school? What did you do today?” etc…
Now we have our 3 children involved in our day to day lives. Whether it’s discussing our logo design and mascots or getting a first-hand view of what children actually enjoy doing and playing with. Forming this bond with our children has truly been a blessing.

Ready Set Go! has given us more quality time with our kids and I want to give other parents the opportunity to share that magical experience. I hope that the fun jungle my family and I have built for you, will bring your family together and fill your children’s hearts with as much joy as it has ours.

I hope to see you soon.

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